10 Superpowers Kids Are All Born With

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We all start out life as babies. Small, relatively hairless screaming creatures that rely 100% on adults to provide for us until we are in our teenage years – or into your 20s if you’re really behind in development.

Every second babies are born all over the planet to initially happy parents who have no thoughts of late night feedings, disgusting diaper changes or the long term anxiety associated with worrying about their child for the rest of their lives.

Nonetheless, we all had to start somewhere. As we grow and move through life we like to think we are really developing and improving as human beings. We learn stuff at school, we develop the ability to learn new skills and we produce work, ideas and products that we get paid for. But that’s actually not impressive compared to the skills and abilities of a baby. No really.

It may surprise you that as a baby you possessed a variety of skills and ‘powers’ that actually put current-you to shame. You’re probably thinking that your ability to multi-task and negotiate a big corporate merger proves your superiority over any baby. Not really.

It turns out as a baby you could do everything from heal others to hear a multitude of sound frequencies to learn at the rate of a powerful computer. But hey, you can update your Facebook status while talking to your mom at the same time – so, ya.


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