5 ways to tell if Boyfriend is serious about you

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In a world filled with casual sex, booty calls and non-exclusive relationships, how are you supposed to know if your relationship is headed somewhere?

  1. He introduces you to his people
    This one is pretty obvious. Unless he’s a total sociopath or a serial dater, he probably won’t introduce you to his mom or his best friend if he doesn’t plan on seeing you again.
  2. He takes you to his favourite places
    If you don’t want to hang out with someone in the near future, you probably won’t show them where exactly you plan on hanging out in future…
  3. He includes you in future plans
    If he tells you in April that he’s really not looking forward to the boring wedding he’s dragging you to in October, he means business.
  4. He holds your hand in public
    Another obvious one. Not only is he “claiming” you (it’s not sexist, it’s just normal animal behavior), but he’s also offering tenderness and support in a way that won’t necessarily lead to sex.
  5. He remembers things about your life and asks questions about things that doesn’t concern him directly
    This means he sees you as a human with your own interests and life, and he’s genuinely interested in what you get up to, are feeling and like, outside of the relationship.

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