57 year old man made water fuel car

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Surat, Gujarat: The rising prices of diesel and petrol make no difference to Surat’s Purshottam Bhai because he runs his Maruti 800 car with water. The market for environmentally friendly cars is growing with rising awareness towards harms of air pollution and while people around the world are looking for more eco-friendly ways to reduce pollution and use better and more economical fuel in their cars, Purshottam claims has invented the formula to run car with hydrogen which is derived from water.

Average of water-fuelled car is twice of normal car
Purshottam , a 57-year-old mechanical engineer, runs a workshop for four-wheelers at Katargam in Surat. His car has a water tank where water is decomposed into hydrogen which is used as fuel and car keeps running. He claims the average of his car is almost twice the average of normal petrol car and the expenditure is almost nil. He says the hydrogen produced from one liter water is enough to run a car for 60 to 70 km. His car requires petrol only at the time of starting and switching it off.

Obtained two patents in past
He is in the last stages to obtain the patent of his car by the name ‘Car run by water’. Earlier he obtained two patents: one to run diesel engine with water and the other to increase mileage by 40 per cent.

He claims he has travelled 50,000 km in his water-powered car in the last five years. Now he is waiting a good offer from an automobile company so that this technique could be used on a large scale.

Rising cost of petrol gave him the idea
Purshottam hails from Rajkot and comes from a farmer family. The rising cost of petrol and diesel gave him the idea of inventing alternative fuel. To run a car on gas mode, some critical parts of the car, including piston, cylinder etc, are to be modified and it took Purshottam 10 years to complete the modifications.

Hydrogen is produced by process of electrolysis
In the water tank, a 12-volt battery is attached to positive and negative ends of a copper plate. Once the car engine starts with petrol the process of the decomposition of water into oxygen and hydrogen gas due to the passage of an electric current begins. One molecule of water decomposes into two atoms of hydrogen and one of oxygen. The hydrogen is stored in another tank.


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