7 Tips to make your bedroom vastu shastra compliant

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Have you been quarreling with your spouse lately on petty issues? Have you been wondering about the absence of peace in your home despite possessing a considerable amount of wealth and luxury? Well, the answer to these problems is plain and simple- Vastu defects. The science of architecture that is Vastu Shastra believes the flow of positive energy and happiness in your home is dependent on the manner in which your house is organised. Vastu Shastra recommends certain rules and guidelines backed by scientific logic in order to make your home a source of positivity and joy.

Although Vastu has stipulated rules for each and every section of the house, in this article we shall limit our scope to one of the most important area of the house, the bedroom. Let us discuss the way you can set up your bedroom to be Vastu Shastra compliant:

Vastu Shastra for Bedroom

  1. The ideal location of bedroom: Vastu recommends a perfect location of the bedroom is the south-west direction. The south-west direction is considered auspicious and helps bring good health as well prosperity in your lives. Make sure to avoid constructing bedrooms in the north-east as well as the south-east direction of the house as these directions may invite arguments and quarrels among the members of the family.
  2. The color of the walls: Wall colors not only give our home a decorative look, they also help in enhancing our moods. Hence, Vastu has laid down guidelines to help you decide the ideal colors for your bedroom walls. Soft and easy for your eyes colors which include cream, pink, off-white are considered most suitable. Avoid the use of dark colors on walls as they are considered to bring negative energy in the room.
  3. Location of bed: Place your bed in such a way that your head points towards either east or south while sleeping. Also, always avoid sleeping in such a way that your head is in the southern direction. Moreover, Vastu Shastra suggests using bed made of wood in place of metal.
  4. Avoid electronic devices: Vastu recommends to limit the usage of electronic devices including television, computer, mobile phones etc. inside the bedroom because such devices may disturb the calm in the bedroom. Ensure that the TV or computer is not placed too close to your bed.
  5. Keep the room clean and tidy: It is important to keep the bedroom hygienic and at the same time free from clutters. Remove all the unnecessary items from the bedroom such as broken artifacts, defective clocks, and watches, old newspapers to name a few. Also, avoid placing a fish aquarium in the bedroom.
  6. Aromatherapy: Fragrance plays an important part in enhancing one’s mood. Using incense sticks, air freshners, fresh flowers etc. will ensure a peaceful atmosphere in the bedroom.
  7. Mirrors: Do not place a mirror in the bedroom in such a way that it reflects your body while sleeping. It is considered inauspicious in Vastu Shastra.

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