America before 100 years

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Do you know how America was 100 years before? Here are some of the things of America 100 years back.

Hundred years ago in America, the average life expectancy of people was 47 years. There were no petrol pumps in the country. Fuels were sold in medical shops. Only 14 % houses had bathtubs, 8% houses had telephones and the speed of vehicles was limited up to 10 miles per hour.

In 1910, the average salary per hour was 22 cent. The Americans used to earn 200 to 400 dollar per year. Dentist used to earn 2500 $ per year but mechanical engineer used to earn more money than others at that time. They used to earn 5000 $ per year.

The price of one pound sugar was 4 cent. A dozen of eggs used to cost 15 cent. There were only 45 stars in the flag of America but now it has 50 stars. Out of 10 young people, 8 were illiterate. Only 6 % people used to complete their education.

Marijuana and heroin was allowed to sell and buy because they were good for health. They were easily found in medical shops. It was believed that marijuana and heroin used to keep our mind in right position and cure stomach diseases.


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