Beautiful Nepali Girl Cooking Traditional Nepali Village Food 

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Sutkeri ko Ausedhi is a nutritious, delicious, and sweet medicinal confectionery that has been prepared in Nepal for centuries. “Sutkeri” is a Nepali term used to describe a mother after giving birth to a baby. The “ausedhi” refers to specially prepared medicine. According to ancient customs, new mothers are given the sutkeri ko ausedhi along with other nutritious foods after child birth. It is ultimate health supplement to recover from postpartum healing, to boost energy and to encourage milk supply to a lactating mother.

It is made by mixing several medicinal herbs and spices, clarified butter, edible gum, khuwaa (thickened and concentrated milk products), rock sugar, and largely dominated by ground nuts, seeds and dry fruits (almond, cashew, pistachio, coconut, dates, raisins etc).  Another important ingredients are Battisaa powder, Jesthalangwagi churna which is medicinal herbal plants mixture consisting of 32 different herbal plants in different proportions.  The mixture is cooked until it becomes a fudge-like consistency, somewhat a little chewy, rich and sweet.  The delicious and nutritioussutkeri ko ausedhi is typically eaten one to two tablespoons at a time, in the morning and evening along with warm milk.


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