Boy dies of heart attack while dancing in a marriage function

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The wedding is the most beautiful thing in the world. It is the precious thing for the two who are going to be tied up in a relationship; it is a thread which ties two of them together for the rest of their life. Everyone has a dream of having a big wedding and they try their best to make it memorable.

This is a sacred union between two people. They call many of their relatives to take part in this auspicious moment. Usually these are also an occasion for all the relatives to gather together and have a gala time. Everyone is invited and this is also a time for gathering. They all gather together and share their happiness. But for this couple this day went out to be nightmare.

This is the incident from Rajasthan. A boy and a girl were performing in a wedding. They were having a gala time dancing in a function. The boy then suddenly collapsed on the stage. The girl was dancing while her fiancé was already dead. She didn’t know it until she tried to pull him back. Watch video to know more….


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