Brazilian Woman Rubs Her Breast On Man’s Face as a Revenge

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The video shows the moment when a right lesson was taught to a men who tried to harass her. The woman took a right revenge on a married man by dragging him down on the street and rubbing her boobs on him while everyone in the street watched them in shock.

There are people who are advocating a lot of thing about woman, woman’s right and woman equality but in reality those people are also not practicing it as per their speeches. This time they must have learn that girls are not just for pleasure or to satisfy their desires but when they get into form then they can be very destructive as well.

If everyone will raise their voice against this kind of thing then definitely no one can set this kind of cheap mentality about the women and they will surely learn to respect them. It is really sad and heart shivering that our society has taken woman as an inferior animal and they can behave with them as they wish.


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