Bride died on her wedding day cause of heart attack

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Wedding day is one of the most dreamed for every person but for this woman it turned out to be the biggest curse. A day-long fast observed on the day of wedding cost a bride her life in Hyderabad. The woman, identified as Gayatri, suffered a heart attack right after the noisy wedding procession wound its way at the function venue.

She was rushed to a hospital where doctors declared her brought dead. The incident occurred during the night when Gayatri was getting married to G. Venu in a ceremony being held at a function hall in Suryapet. After the wedding, the couple, along with a few of the family members, headed to a temple for prayers.

As she stepped out of the temple, Gayatri suffered a heart attack and collapsed. The woman was then rushed to the hospital where doctor tried saving her but they could not do anything since she was already dead. Watch video to know more..


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