All candidates unopposed in Province No 2

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Kathmandu, Jan 31: All candidates for National Assembly members from Province No 2 have been elected unopposed, while Province No 3 and 6 are holding election in all posts.

So far, 24 have been elected for the NA having 56 members, the Election Commission said, adding that Province No 1 elected three women and three others unopposed. So, it is to hold election for a Dalit and from disabled/minority.

Similarly, Province No 3 is holding election for seven members as others have been elected unopposed, informed EC Spokesperson Nawaraj Dhakal.

Five women members have been elected unopposed in Province No 5, so election would be held for remaining five members.

Province No 6 is holding election for all members, while Province No 7 is holding election for two members.
The NA election is scheduled for Feb 7.

Meanwhile, Province No 3 has finalized the preparation to hold the first meet of the Provincial Assembly.

Secretary at Provincial Assembly Office, Chaturbhuj Gyawali, informed that entire management of the gallery as decoration, carpeting, painting and furniture arrangement has completed. There are total of 110 lawmakers.

He reminded how difficult it was to take photograph while administering the oath of office and secrecy to the lawmakers. It was difficult even to take photograph.

Now, we’ve made better arrangement, he added. (RSS)

(Bhisma Raj Ojha)


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