Chabi Ojha’s son speak on his affair

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Here in the video we have an exclusive interview with Sakar Ojha who is a producer and also a son of producer Chabi Raj Ojha. In the interview he talks about their forth coming movie Mangalam which is slated to release from tomorrow.

In the movie we can see Puspa Khadka, Prithvi Prasai Samragyee RL shah and Shilpa Pokhrel. The actress sis also making her debut as a producer through this movie. The actress is also popular for her alleged affair with Film Maker Chhabi Ojha.

The couple grabbed the news headline when the movie maker Ojjha said that he is going to get married with Shilpa. Some said that it was their plan for the publicity of movie. During that time their movie was all set to release and many said that it was just a publicity stunt.

In the video he talked about Samragyee being absent from the publicity of the movie. The actress is also his friend and says that she has a important role in the movie and she is currently busy in her shoots that is why she is missing from the promotion. Watch video to know more..


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