Chanakyaneeti: Things you should keep to yourself and never discuss In public.

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He was an Indian teacher, philosopher, economist and royal advisor. He is also known as Kauṭilya or Vishnu Gupta. During his lifetime his thoughts on different subjects proved to be helpful to people and even today his opinions are considered beneficial.

What should you never discuss?

Loss of money
A financial crunch must never be discussed amongst people. If you are going through a rough path financially, keep it to yourself.
This is because when others know of your money issues they won’t really help you and the support they show is pretty much fake.

Your poverty
As per Chanakya the poor are not respected in a society so one should keep their low pockets a secret so that people don’t make fun.

Personality of your wife
Wise men must never discuss their wife’s character, attitude or personality with anyone. You might even end up saying something yous don’t want to.

Personal problems
You personal issues and problems are your concern and should be kept secret.

Your ego
Your ego is a sign of lack of self confidence and trying to make up for it by boasting and fighting for our ego it will only bring harm.


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