Chhabi Ojha compares Rekha and Shilpa

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Movie Magalam has hit the floor from Friday. The actors producers’ and the whole crew of the movie had given their 100% for the promotion of the movie. Here in the video we have an exclusive interview with the Chhab Raj Ojha who is also the producer of the movie.

In the interview he talked about his personal life, movie and Shilpa Pokhrel. Few days ago it was said that he was having a tiff with the actress who is also believed to be his girlfriend. In the video he tries to explain audience about it.

He said that actually it was not areal fight, it is just a normal thing but media always expands it and makes it controversial. The couple grabbed the news headline when the movie maker Ojjha said that he is going to get married with Shilpa.

Some said that it was their plan for the publicity of movie. During that time their movie was all set to release and many said that it was just a publicity stunt. Watch video to know more…


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