Clear Cut With Sonica Rokaya

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Sonica Rokaya is a model of Nepal. She also hosts an online YouTube channel named WOW Nepal. She interviews many Nepalese artists and other personalities in the online YouTube channel. She is criticized by most of the Nepalese people due to her languages that she speaks during an interview. Her interviews as an interviewer easily get more views than the interviews of other YouTube channels.

Sonica Rokaya is also a good dancer. She was born on December 5, 1995. She entered in the field of entertainment as a model. YouTube has created many celebrities and she is one of them. She was not popular as a model but she became popular from YouTube channels. Previously, she was linked with Mero Sathi TV but she is currently involved with WOW Nepal.

As she is mostly dragged in controversies for her language while taking an interview, she is here today in a program called Clear Cut that’s comes in a YouTube channel For See Network. In this interview she makes clear about the controversies upon her and also she says, she is not doing anything wrong and what she has been doing and speaking she has not regret in it. Also she makes clear to the people rumors that her interview is not any porn movie.


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