What Your Birthmark Says About You? Find Out !

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There are many other people, who strongly believe that birthmarks on our bodies actually have a connection with our past life. Apart from this, there are many superstitions and beliefs in our society about birthmarks.

If you have a birthmark on your stomach, it means that you may be a greedy and selfish person.

Near mouth
Birthmark near the mouth indicates wealth and happiness. It also means that your are sensitive and talkative.

Right cheek
Birthmark on your right cheek shows that you are passionate.

Left cheek
Birthmark on left cheek indicates financial difficulties and latent depression.

Under the left breast
If you have a mark under the left breast it means that you will enjoy success in everything you put your hands to. It also means that you have a good sense of humour.

Under the right breast
The birthmark under the right breast indicates that the person will enjoy a good fortune.

Center of the chest
Birthmark in the center of the chest means you will may have financial troubles.

You will spend maximum time indoors, looking after children and maintaining discipline.

On the back
This indicates that you are very honest and an open minded person.

On the fingers
This indicates that you are independent and hate to depend on others.

On feet/ toes
If you have your birthmark on your feet, it means you love to travel.

If your birthmark is located on your left shoulder it indicates financial crisis, and if located on the right it means that you will have good fortune.

On the legs
Birthmark on legs shows you’re of a confused nature.

On the nose
This may be spoiling your looks, but shows your creativity.

On the thigh
This brings luck.


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