How to get rid of bad breath?

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Bad breath bad breath

You would certainly feel gloomy all day, when your friends/workmates avoid you for a bad breath. Is it an onion, you took this morning? But who would take an Bonion on early morning and despite knowing its effect for an entire day. Bad breath is a very touchy and personal question. Nobody wants to discuss it willingly but what is left to do, if there is a date or important business meeting pending?

Dental hygiene is important, but brushing your teeth twice a day and having chewing gum may not be enough. Your breath may still stink, even after such daily routine. There’s no need to worry as some of the scientifically proven cases of what may be behind breath. Let’s uncover the case;

Don’t drink too much coffee

Sip of the coffee is vitally important in the morning but don’t be too keen on this drink. Did you know that caffeine slow down saliva production and therefore dry out your mouth. It eventually leads to bad breath odor.

Floss after every meal

Any food particles would stay in between teeth for too long time act in the same way as you leave your trash. It stinks. The bacteria from the food go deep below the gum line and lead to bad breath and infection as well. So flossing is no less important than brushing teeth.

Drink plenty of water

Water is never a bad idea. A sufficient amount of water stimulates the flow of saliva and avoid the danger of dehydration, which is a often reason for halitosis. That how scientist call your bad breath.

Check for tonsil stones

If you are not aware, tonsil stones are mixture of debris, bacteria that sit in the back of the throat. They look like white bumps, spots and smell nasty. You might not have heard about them but they are pretty common. Research conducted in France shows 6 % of all the examined patients suffered from this problem and that’s a lot. Visiting doctor and following dental hygiene could solve that problem

Say No to low carb diet

Those who are fond of low carb diet are familiar with term Kitosis. This is a process, which forces body to burn stored fats and protein for energy. If you are follower of strict diet, your body will start to produce chemicals like ketones. They are released in your breath and this process causes odor to breath.

Smoking habits led to bad breath

All the sources of mass media keep telling that smoking is injurious to health. It’s a vague health problem and also distant consequences. Hence, people are not ready to quit it along morning tea. The tangible and instant effect of smoking is a bad breath. They really do stink. Smoking dries out mouth and nicotine squeeze blood vessels. As a result, you don’t receive healthy mouth saliva.

Eat apples and healthy fruits

When you crunch down apple, celery, carrots and other similar fruits, it removes the remains of food stuck in between the teeth. It also get rids of bacteria that live on them. The more important fact is, they are low in calorie and rich in vitamins. So, you can eat as much as you wish and not worry about gaining extra couple of pounds.


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