Girlfriend uses secret camera to see bf cheating

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This is the moment a woman uses a hidden camera to spy on her two boyfriends to test their loyalty to her, despite neither of them knowing about each other. The unnamed woman, who is believed to be from California, enlisted the help of YouTube channel To Catch a Cheater to find out if either of her boyfriends would cheat on her, despite neither of the two men knowing about each other.

It starts with the girl saying she wants to put both of them to the test to see which one is more loyal but she doesn’t end up with the result she expected. She predicts that one of her boyfriends will be unfaithful but does not let on who that will be.

The girl herself was cheating on both men and she still wanted them to be faithful towards her. She cries at the end because one guy turns out to be cheating on her.

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