Government building 300 houses in Gorkha for the poor

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GORKHA, Dec 28: The government has been constructing as many as 300 houses for the poor, underprivileged and marginalized people in Gorkha under the Public Residential Program (PRC).

Last year, the government had built around 200 houses in the district while this year 100 more houses were added to the list. The government is constructing these houses in coordination with the Urban Development and Building Division Office (UDBDO), informed Roshan Shrestha, chief of UDBDO. “We had already kicked off the construction in some parts,” he said. As per the details provided by UDBDO, around 20 houses are under construction at the moment.

These houses are being built in Lapu, Thumi, Chyangli, Makaising and Gorkha Municipality. This year, the government has prioritized various tribes such as Chepang, Kusunda, Gandharva, Majhi, Kumal, and Dalit among others. Last year, houses were built in Bhumlichowk, Ghyalchowk, Gorkha Municipality and Chyangli.

As per the provision, each of the beneficiary family will receive Rs 325,000 for the construction but in installments.


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