Out with Gyan, and in with Refreshment, Refresh yourself this summer with Sprite!

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Kathmandu, 31st March, 2018 : Sprite, the country’s reputed brand in the segment of lemon and lime drink has launched its summer campaign with an entertaining commercial entitled “Gyan Bilayo, Refresh Banayo.”W ith the arrival of summer season, Sprite is keen to provide a refreshing splash to all consumers.

The new campaign ‘GyaanBilayo. Refresh Banayo’ reiterates the brand positioning by emphasizing cut-through clarity and refreshing honesty.

A teenager’s life is very complicated with multiple conflicts marking this period of transition into adulthood. In a world dominated by digital media, a teenager finds information flowing from multiple sources overwhelming. Teenagers who are caught in the crossfire of all this, find it very hard to express their authentic personality. While there are many mediums for self-expression, the challenge is to identify what is truly unique and which makes them, uniquely them.

Addressing this dilemma with a twist, the new Sprite TVC opens to a hot summer day where the protagonist is seen ready to drink the Sprite, which he just has pulled from a tree. As the young guy is about to take a sip from the bottle, an old man stops him to tell him a story.

As the story begins, the protagonist gets free from the old man’s hold, the young guy sees this as an opportunity to take a sip from his bottle and he is about to do that, the old man yet again stops him, while continuing on with his story. As the old man finishes the story, he hears a loud gulp with the protagonist emptying the Sprite bottle. In true Sprite style, ‘GyaanBilayo. Refresh Banayo,’ the young man compliments the old man and rides away leaving the old man behind.

The commercial comes with a catchline and a voice in the background, “GyanBilayo. Refresh Banayo.”It is irresistible to wait longer to drink sprite.Sprite quenches your thirst with its clean, crisp, lemon-lime taste this summer.

Explaining the concept behind the commercial, Mr. Ambuj Singh, Country Director, Coca-Cola in Nepal, said, “Sprite is a refreshing cold drink that quenches your thirst and refreshes you. The commercial comes with a message that those who drink Sprite are as clear as Sprite. It again reinforces it’s ‘Clear Cha’ Promise. It’s time to welcome and embrace the summer season with Sprite and get refreshed whenever and wherever you want.”

In addition to leveraging mass media advertising, the integrated communication plan includes roll-out of an array of touch points including out-of-home (OOH) media, digital, point of sale merchandise and on- the- ground initiatives across all key markets.
About Coca-Cola in Nepal.

Coca-Cola in Nepal refreshes thousands of consumers throughout the country through its core product offerings of Coca-Cola, Sprite, Fanta and Kinley and impacts over 5000 people as a System. Coca-Cola in Nepal works with UN HABITAT on the Support My School Initiative to provide basic amenities in schools, as well as the ‘Safe Water Project’, to improve access to drinking water across 14 communities in Nepal.

Through the STAR Retailer training programs, Coca-Cola Nepal is also empowering women retailers, as part of The Coca-Cola Company’s global 5BY20 initiative. The Company has recently partnered with Himalayan Climate Initiative and GIZ for a PET Recollection Social enterprise that encourages recycling of PET waste. Coca-Cola Nepal also observes World Water Day and is aiming to bring about a positive difference to the lives of communities across the country.


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