Heart Touching Speech By 10 Yrs Old Boy Ankit Sangraula

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Nobody can stay aloof from the touch of social media these days. ‘Curiosity kills the cat’ is a well said proverb. Day by day the number of social media users are increasing at geometric ratio. Hence, any typical events uploaded in the Facebook page or any network sites become viral in fickle of seconds.

A You Tube Video has become viral from some days. The Video was uploaded in Mount View English Boarding School’s You Tube Channel on 5th Bhadra, 2074. Ankit Sangroula of grade seven from Mount View English Boarding School delivered a speech on ‘Science is Boon Not a Curse’ in class that day.

Mr. Sangroula expressed his hearty gratitude to the founder Principal Mr. Raj kumar Maharjan, teachers, guardians and his friends who always supported and encouraged him to speak in the mass. He said that had there not been the support of School Administration and School environment, he would not have been at the pinnacle of popularity.

He believed that the first Platform provided by Mount View School was his turning point of his life. In 2073, on the auspicious occasion of National Education Day, Mr. Sangroula delivered a speech on Ministry of Education’s slogan, ‘Bikaaska Laagi Gunastariya Shikshya ra Sabaika Laagi Surakshit Shikshyan Sanstha’. He stood first in that speech competition. Mount View Total Quality Person Award 2073 was the second platform for Mr. Sangroula to flourish his innate quality.


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