How to cure common cold in children ?

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Winter season is at its peak in January and so are the infections associated with it like common cold and flu. The immunity in the winters is especially low, and children are at a higher risk of contracting an infection because they have little knowledge of where they could get infections from, and are always out and about, playing and touching dirty things. They might meet people who have the infection, or just indulge in a guilty please of cold ice creams or drinks in the freezing winters.

Common cold can easily be cured with kitchen ingredients and home remedies and the same should be tried for children. Children should also eat foods that build immunity so that chances of getting an infection are also reduced. Taking other precautions like warm clothing, warm slippers at home, etc. can also help in keeping your child safe.

Mix a spoon of honey with two pinches of crushed cinnamon and squeeze half to one lemon in it and feed this mixture to your child. Honey protects the body against infections. Lemon has vitamin C which is believed to be helpful in curing a common cold, and cinnamon is especially helpful in case of a stuffy nose. This mixture twice a day can provide great relief from the symptoms of a cold for your child and is a safe remedy without any side effects.

The easiest remedy on this list is lukewarm water. Just replace regular water with lukewarm water and you will be surprised to see the effects of it. Though believed to be helpful in digestion and relieve bloating, lukewarm water is also a great remedy for cold. The warmth provides relief from any sort of pain that may be occurring due to the infection, and also kill the germs trapped in the respiratory tract.

A remedy that mothers have been using for centuries for any infections, illness, or injury – the turmeric milk or what the west calls “Turmeric latte” is one of the best home remedies for cold, too. You can use raw turmeric for the recipe as it is more natural and may provide more relief or just use powdered turmeric added to boiled milk. Milk is essential for growing kids as it provides strength which is essential when the child is sick. Turmeric has antiseptic properties and can really help kill the germs causing the infections. Turmeric milk is in fact recommended even for regular consumption to provide better immunity against infections and also for detox.

Tulsi is a medicinal plant found in almost all households of India. The benefits of tulsi are great and many people chew raw leaves or add tulsi leaves in their morning tea. For cold and cough, Tulsi can provide great relief to your child. Just crush some ginger and tulsi leaves and add honey to the mixture. Feed this mixture to your child and give him/her warm water post it if they find it difficult to swallow because of the taste. The task may sound slightly difficult but the effects of this remedy are worth it!

Carrot juice can be effective in curing a common cold and cough. Carrots are rich in potassium and antioxidants and can help build better immunity and fight infections that have entered the body. The best part of this remedy is that it is not easy to convince your child to drink carrot juice. The colour of the drink is attractive and it also tastes good.


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