How to make delicious sesame seeds sweets in makar sankranti ?

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As per the Hindu calendar, this day is also celebrated as the festival of harvest. The farmers have sown the seeds and ploughed the fields at the start of a fruitful harvest year ahead. The calendar reads Makar Sankranti as the start of the auspicious year.

During Sankranti which happens usually in the winter season, food items like sesame seeds sweets are a favourite. Although it helps to give warmth to the body, it is also delicious. Here’s the recipe to make the perfect sesame seeds sweets.

sesame seeds – 500 grams/4 cup
Gur – 500 grams
Ghee – 2 tsp
(Time to prepare: 4-5 hours)

Step 1: Clean the sesame seeds properly.
Step 2: Heat oil in a heavy pan(kadhai) on a medium flame, while stirring continuously roast sesame seeds till they turn light brown(if you crush it with hands seed should turn to powder).
Step 3: Break off Gur into small pieces. Pour 1 spoon Ghee in a pan and heat. Now melt Gur on a low flame, turn off the instant Gur melts.
Step 4: Put the crushed roasted sesame seeds in the melted Gur and blend well. Til Gur mixture for making Ladoos is ready.
Step 5: Apply Ghee with hands and make mixture smooth. Take a little amount(about 1 tbsp) of mixture at a time and make round shaped Ladoo and place it on a plate and repeat the process with rest of the mixture.
Step 6: sesame seeds gur ladoo is ready to eat.


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