Husband breaks his wife’s leg who was wearing snake print leggings thinking it was snake

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When it comes to fashion, some women are not afraid to try the weirdest trends or latest styles. Animal prints are quite in trend and they look fashionable if worn the right way. But has it ever crossed your mind that you could be beaten up for wearing an animal print clothing? In one such shocking incident, a woman was beaten by her husband as he mistook her snake print stockings for real snakes. The post was shared on Facebook and has gone viral since then.

According to a post shared on Facebook page Pakistan Community in Australia, the woman wore a pair of snake-print stockings. Her husband peeked from the door and grabbed a baseball bat and thrashed her foot as he thought those were two real snakes. The woman’s foot was severely injured and bloody.

The post also warns: “Every woman needs to be careful when choosing and wearing stockings, even if they look stylish.” Among animal prints, tiger and snake prints are quite popular among women. They certainly do make for a stylish attire. Although we wonder who clicked the pictures before the woman’s husband beat her foot.


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