Is too much love dangerous! Know why

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Love is probably one of the greatest and most dangerous forces to ever move humanity. Anything too much is probably bad for anyone. Sometimes we are so much in love with a person that we fail to imagine a world without them. You must have unconditional love for your partner but make sure that you do not get overboard with affection. Here are some reasons why loving too much dangerous for relationship.

Curbs their freedom
When we love someone too much, we tend to have some control over them. We get over protective about them and do not want them to get into any kind of trouble. Hence, we keep a check on their activities and guide them about their day to day activities. This in fact curbs their freedom. We think that we are protecting them but we are actually getting over protective about them. So avoid doing so.

It displays desperation
When you smother a new love, you will undoubtedly come off as being needy and desperate, even if you are not. Always remember that no one wants to be in a relationship with someone who cannot stand on their own two feet. You have to take it upon yourself to be independent and prove to not just your new love, but to yourself that you can cope with the responsibility of being in an adult relationship.

Too much of closeness
Staying in touch round the clock with your partner can make them feel frustrated. Remember that every relationship needs space. Too much of closeness can kill the relationship. So avoid being too clinging over them.

It gets dangerous
Focusing on the person too much and loving him/her too much without focus on God anymore will invite the lies of the Devil in your relationship. It will invite worry, possessiveness, insecurity, jealousy, and will ultimately make your relationship a hindrance to God.

Losing their individuality
You must respect your partner as an individual. Do not expect your partner to change according to your wishes after being committed in the relationship. It steals away their freedom and individuality. They have their own identity and you must acknowledge that.


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