Japanese pilgrims plunge into freezing water to celebrate New Year

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Japanese bathers braved freezing temperatures to perform a traditional ice bath ritual in Tokyo. In Japan, it is believed that dipping in ice-cold water helps purify their souls of sins and brings luck for the year ahead. The traditional event is usually held within a shrine on the second Sunday every year.

Dressed in traditional white clothes for the ceremony, dozens of men and women in Tokyo plunged into freezing water to perform a traditional ice bath ceremony, called Harai. This is one of the main Shinto rites for celebrating the New Year and other major occasions like births or weddings.

The participants also jogged around the shrine and do physical exercises to warm up their bodies after the ceremony. Many people have their own way of celebrating and this is from Japan. There are a lot of practice and belief, a lot of traditions. Watch video to know more…


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