Have a look this most amazing cultural music and dance

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The dance performances then ended with a unification piece featuring dancers in traditional regalia from all three regions. Finishing their performance under the waving Nepali flag, the dancers bore a sign that read “United we stand, divided we fall.”This message of unity rang true with many members of the audience.

“It’s important to have these kinds of event to get involved in the community and also to learn about different cultures that you’re not super exposed to,” UI freshman Kailyn Eagy said. For Eagy, the event was an opportunity to see “fun Nepali dances” with friends.

For Pullman resident Linda Cook, Taste of Nepal is a time-honored family tradition.“This is my fourth year,” Cook said, adding that the best part of the event for her was “coming with 28 of (her) closest friends.” Her family started attending Taste of Nepal to watch family friends performing in the event.

“We first started coming because they were dancing,” Cook said. “Now we just come because we love it.”The event ended with a display of the Nepali clothing worn by NSA members in the event and a dinner featuring traditional Nepali foods, including several varieties of curry and carrot pudding.


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