Man throws acid at wife for delivering baby girl

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A woman was left with a horrifying injury after her husband allegedly threw acid in her face when she gave birth to a baby girl but he wanted a boy. The 25 year old Farah Biwi had shocking injuries. Her husband Siraj Biwi, 32, remains on the run after he fled following the alleged attack.

He accused her of failing to fulfill his demand for a dowry and not delivering him a male child. The incident took place in the town of Moradabad near New Delhi on Monday. The poor woman had no fault in delivering a girl but her family thinks that she intentionally gave birth to a baby.

This is really a sickening act as the poor woman has been punished for something he has no idea of. Her husband is being searched by the police and the case is in under investigation.

The 32-year-old is wanted for voluntarily causing grievous bodily harm using acid while Farah was rushed to the district hospital after the cowardly attack in a serious condition with burns to her face, hands, and abdomen.


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