Mom punished own six year old son in harsh way

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A shameful case has emerged from Moran. The cruel mother has punished her sic year old son in such a harsh way that she has raised a question in motherhood. The woman named Sarala Kafle from Morang has hurt her son with hot iron. Little boy was left with back injuries after his mother had pressed him with hot iron.

The woman has repeatedly attacked her son. This is not the first time. The school administrations of the boy have been repeatedly asking her to look after this issue but it continued, they were compelled to take this issue in the higher level.

Then only her real face was seen. The woman accepted that she had to do it because he was not listening her. But later on in brief investigation she accepted that she did this in anger. Her husband had left her and this is why she punished her own son. Watch video to know more…


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