Monkey weeps over its mum’s dead body

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Baby monkey was filmed breaking down in tears over the body of its dead mum. The little chimp was left heartbroken after it watched its mother electrocuted. The monkey went running to its mother and tried to ‘wake her up and hug her’ as soon as it saw her.

The poor baby was clueless what happened to her mother but seemed very sad since it knew something has happened to her mother. In the video we can see a very heart melting moment when the poor baby hugs its mother and looks at her hoping to get response from her mother.

Losing a mother is the most painful moment for anyone; it is the same with the animals too. And this video is the perfect example of it. The poor baby has no idea and is just repeating the process by hugging and kissing her and the mother is already dead. Watch video to know more..


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