Nepali Model Chanda Dahal dance in South Korea

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Nepali Model Chanda Dahal dance in South Korea.

Cultural show that you see in many of the hotels and restaurants where locals will dance robotically to folk tunes for your amusement. This is where you will be in a dance studio alongside the locals learning to dance as if you were being choreographed for a performance! You don’t generally see dancing schools in Pokhara because the profession offers limited opportunities to make a living, however, there are the passionate few who run their dance studios despite the odds. And it is in one of these dance schools where your course will be held.

You just need to put your dancing shoes on, really. You have the option of wearing traditional clothes as well while learning the dance but anything you’re comfortable with is fine as well. No experience required at all, but Milan would totally welcome diversity of dance styles and mutual learning if you do already know something.


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