Nepali Model Shova Paudel reveals the dirty secrets of Nepalese Film Industry

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Pnp Media, bhaktapur | Beautiful and talented Nepali Model Shova Paudel has revealed the dirty secrets of Nepalese Film Industry. She says “even with beauty and talent most girls have to invest money or accept the offer of producer/director.” Watch the full video to find out more about what could happen to a girl trying to enter Nepalese Movie Industry.

The casting couch, casting-couch syndrome, or casting-couch mentality is the demanding of sexual favors by an employer or person in a position of power and authority, from an apprentice employee, or subordinate to a superior in return for entry into an occupation, or for other career advancement within an organization.

The casting couch mentality has been around ever since the beginning of the film industry when powerful movie moguls would make se*ual advances to young or vulnerable actors or actresses in return for a role in a film, to be ‘made a star’, or to be introduced to other powerful people who might be able to give their career a leg-up.



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