Nepali snake man says he has no effect of snake bites

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These are very deadly animals and whenever they feel mad they just lose their control and they are in terrific form. Nothing in the world can control them and they will just do whatever they feel like doing. It really looks scary moment.

Normally they are animal and they don’t have sense. They can’t discriminate between good and bad and right or wrong. They just do whatever they feel like.

Here in the video we can see a crazy guy who says that he is trying to save snakes and there is no any effect on him when snake bites him. The man named Sagar Pandey says he was been bitten by many snakes as much as 150 but says that it has no effect on him. He also said that he wants to save them and protect them. He never wants to take out their teeth and make them lame since he loves them, and wants to preserve them. Have a look


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