People rush to save woman but in vain

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Anand Surekha, the owner of Tirupati Saris, died in road accident in Surat after which wife Suvida killed herself by committing suicide within 60 hours of her husband’s death. Making two of their kids orphan.

When the children first lost their father, the mother sent the children to school to keep them away from the sad news but then she herself jumped from the 5th floor and took her life.

Anand Surekha, worked at Tirupati Sari in Millennium Market on Ring Road, family got notified of the death at around 8 pm on Friday night. At 4 o’clock, he’ad gotten out of Anand Market and got the accident took place at 8 pm near Abhwa Chowk.

A video of the live suicide capture by Closed Circuit Television Camera (CCTV) have been surfaced in social media. As shown in the video, people run to catch the woman who jumped from the building. They try hard to save the girl but in vain.


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