Pregnancy signs: 10 really early signs of pregnancy

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While the only sure shot way of knowing that you are pregnant is the pregnancy test, our body goes through a sea of change when it is preparing for the arrival of a baby. It doesn’t matter whether you are desperately waiting to start a family or you are dreading the line to turn red, there are a lot of subtle ways that your body tells you are pregnant.

Sore breasts
Yes, sore and tender breasts are one of the earliest signs of pregnancy. Watch out for heavy breasts that feel a little sore, especially when you are nowhere near your PMS.

There is a reason why morning sickness has a permanent place in the symptoms of pregnancy as it is one of the first pregnancy signs. While there is no specific duration of time when women start feeling queasy and nauseous, if you start feeling sick to your stomach without any particular reason in sight, you may want to tally the dates when you last caught some action in bed.

​Stomach cramps
While stomach cramps are part and parcel of a regular menstrual cycle, they are the unwelcome guest when you are pregnant as well. It happens because the uterus is expanding to make space for the baby.

​You start craving/hating a particular type of food
If you have started hating gajar ka halwa out-of-the-blue, even though you could gorge on bowls of the same earlier, it might be one of the earliest symptoms of pregnancy. Secondly, you may also develop new cravings for different types of food items.

​Upset or bloated stomach
If you have been eating well but feel a little bloated up for no reason, it could be the progesterone hormone which is to be blamed. One of the earliest signs of pregnancy may include a slow digestive system, including constipation and bloating.

You feel warmer than usual
You can track your pregnancy by measuring your basal body temperature. Basal body temperature is actually your lowest body temperature when you are at the state of complete rest. When you are pregnant, the hormone progesterone leads to a rise in your basal body temperature.

​A heightened sense of smell
If little things like the aroma of a boiled egg make you gag and you are repulsed by certain smells which did not bother you earlier, it may signify that you are pregnant.

​Feeling exhausted all the time
Increasing fatigue is one of the most common symptoms of pregnancy. If you feel that even doing normal, day-to-day chores are leaving you extremely tired, it might be because of all the excess hormones in your body, doing their job.

Feeling the need to pee more often
If you feel like rushing to the washroom all the time, it might be because of the fact that your bladder is working overtime as your body is producing extra fluids. So, if you find yourself running to the washroom in the middle of the night, a little too often, it might be another sign.


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