Rabi lamichhane get court marriage with nikita paudel

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Kathmandu, 22 January, Ravi Lamichhane is a one of the finest journalist of Nepal. His show “Sidha kura” is most famous between Nepali people. He is also known for his world record in longest talk show of 62 hours continuously. He has become like living god by helping needy people. He makes connection between the public and the responsible person about the issues. People having some problem with someone that may be a governmental officer, a business person, including a number of Nepalese celebrities.Recently Rabi Lamichhane and Nikita Poudel gets court marriage today.

Few days ago both Rabi and Nikita denied such relationship. Nikita and Rabi however lived in the same apartment and one each other quite well. Nikita said she knows Rabi’s ex-wife by her name but haven’t met her in person. Nikita, the daughter of Uddav Poudel, had recently divorced.


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