Remove these seven app from your mobile

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Smartphone has become one of the important basic needs of people. People cannot imagine their daily life without smartphone. Smartphones evolved from the normal phones. The basic use of the mobile phone was to call, message and others. However, smartphones have many facilities than a normal phone. People can connect to the people living in other countries and also can do officials works from their smartphones.

We install different types of applications on smartphones. However, some applications consist of dangerous virus. Mobile Security Form Authority has flashed a report regarding those applications. In the report, the list of 10 applications were flashed, which were blacklisted in the whole world. These applications were a virus. It was also flashed out that these apps do not abide the rules and policies regarding the leakage of data, data storage and security policy.

Recently, Google has also removed 20 apps from Google Play Store. They also suggested all the android users to remove those apps from their smartphones. Google also stated that these apps would attack the smartphones with virus. Google removed those 20 apps from Google Play Store after the attack of Randsomeware Virus.


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