Schoolgirl who grew extra limbs on her chest to finally undergo surgery

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Imagine being born as a special child. It has its own norms and clauses. What if you had an extra hand or a limb, life becomes a challenge then as these particular body features become a hurdle in our daily life chores. This is one such case of a girl who has struggled with her parasitic twin for 14 long years, and she can finally breathe in peace as she is getting operated to get rid of her parasitic twin. Check out the story of the girl who is born with extra parts as it belonged to a parasitic twin which did not develop properly.

She Was Born With Her Parasitic Twin Veronica Cominguez is now 14 years old, and she lives in Iligan City in the Philippines. She was born with two limbs and an oblong-shaped growth on her chest and stomach.

The Parasitic Twin Has Been Growing As Veronica Cominguez has grown over the years, it was seen that her parasitic twin has also been growing along with her. She even cuts the nails of her parasitic twin and cleans up the liquid that oozes on her stomach. She revealed that her navel always gets wet because of the fluid that comes out of it. She further explained that sometimes she even has blood discharge coming out too.

She Is Finally Getting Relief The teenager is said to be finally getting medical help after she has lived her entire life with two extra arms and fingers that have been dangling from her chest.

Her Entire Village Is Helping Her Lead A Normal Life Seeing the little Veronica struggle with her daily life, her locals have come to her rescue by collecting money for her treatment. She is all set to fly to Thailand for surgery to remove the limbs.


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