Surprising personality traits of March born individuals!

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People born in March are a surprising blend. This is because March marks the end of Pisces, i.e. the last zodiac sign and sees the beginning of Aries, i.e. the first zodiac sign.

March born individuals have a unique personality and talents that set them apart from rest of the crowd. They know how to make the best of any situation and strive for success. They are always up for challenges.

Here are some of the best traits of people born in the month of March:


March born are Intuitively tuned You can’t deceive a March born as they are highly intuitive. They will sense or smell out any schemes being planned against them. Plus, it is best not to underestimate them as deception makes them stronger.


March born are Very Generous March born individuals are very sympathetic and generous in nature. These qualities gain them admiration from their peers. People respect them for these traits and are highly motivated by them. They make good volunteers and are always ready to help others.


March born are Very devoted! These folks are super devoted and committed people in their relationships – be it in their friendships, love life, marriage and even their own family members. They don’t give up on people and will stick it out no matter what! However, if they know that one is the unfaithful kind, they will not waste time over such people. They stick by their beliefs and principles, and are very clear about what they want their lives.


March born individuals love their peace and quiet fiercely. After all the hustle-bustle in their daily lives, they prefer to retire to their cocoons and get lost in their thoughts. They loathe people who are loud, gauche and garish who prefer fame over anything else. Many March born people are introverts.

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