The truth about what she really want in bed

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The bed is the place where a women is really a queen. They want the best at there. Love, sex and intimations are very common but what actually they want in bed, ever you thought about this. Let us inform you about the hidden facts and truth about women that what they really want a man to do with her.

Undress her slowly
Too often, couples get down to business. And while that really works on many occasions, because that’s raw passion. Seduction can, and should also be slower, and not rushed. Reveal her body slowly and let your eyes and hands hover, brush, caress and grip places your tongue will soon follow.

Taking on a different persona can be freeing and allow for actions and thoughts to play out that in reality, you wouldn’t be able to follow-through on. By putting on a costume or assuming a different role, you can kill off inhibitions and self-conscious insecurities that prevent pleasure.

Make it all about her
She wants to feel special. She wants to feel desired. And she might want to be spoiled, too. But let’s remember that she is also allowing another human being inside her body, and that comes with a combination of comfort, submission, and trust.

Take control
Heterosexual women want to be afforded pleasure at the hands of a man who is confident, capable, and passionate. In essence, she wants to just let go. She wants to trust, release and just be a woman who is sexual, sensual, and feminine. She wants to trust and hand control over to a man who will not use his power against her.

Kissing is very intimate. It’s a closeness that is personal, passionate, and communicates a variety of things from the first kiss onward. A simple kiss is often the initial gauge by which one might judge the success of a relationship.


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