Today’s horoscope : February 7, 2019

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You need to take one steady step at a time to complete work rather than get frazzled by attempting it in fits and starts. You can get carried away when shopping and so hold on to your purse strings. End of the day is a happy time as there are positive happenings. Lucky number 7. Colour grey.

You are received well in social and business circles while launching a new project. A young man close to you is ready to embark on an independent journey that brings him success. You express yourself honestly today. Beware of over reactions and over indulgence. Lucky number 13. Colour red.

Unpredictable happenings are on the cards today! You are able to let go the past and move dynamically into the future without allowing blocks to come in your way. A turnaround is possible in personal and professional situations that may have been stuck. Lucky number 13. Colour maroon.

You can expect visitors and communications that are positive and helpful. It’s best to forgive a friend for an error of judgment that may have incurred a financial loss to you. It’s best not to have great expectations in any aspect or you could be disappointed. Lucky number 17. Colour grey.

Changes are likely to creep into set patterns to bring growth, realization and understanding. You are able to combine and share love, wealth and wisdom with others to create something greater than what you could have created alone. Parents may need your support. Lucky number 10. Colour red.

Your success comes from combining creativity, labour and intelligence. Your investments and plans for the future are gainful and you need to be patient and persistent. You can expect a busy work schedule packed with meetings and engagements. Avoid stress! Lucky number 1. Colour sea green.

You can expect support from old and new connections that you have been strengthening lately. You are involved in a variety of activities to actualize your potential at work. You come to the essence or the root of an endless discussion in a family matter. Lucky number 21. Colour blue.

A pleasant surprise starts your day on a happy note. Embrace the new in any aspect as the traveling onwards promises to be easy and also brings a sense of adventure. This attitude of openness and acceptance invites new friends and experiences in your life. Lucky number 8. Colour reds.

Life offers you an opportunity to make a new beginning and move into a wonderful relationship that becomes meaningful and supportive in the future. Meditation and spiritual pursuit lead you to silence and relaxation within and a new perspective outside. Lucky number 4. Colour white.

Your Yin (receptive) energy is more apparent today as you deal with friends, loved ones and emotional situations with charm and quiet authority. There is good fortune attending professional, personal and material aspects! Children bring joy in your life. Lucky number 3. Colour pink.

You are dynamic and assertive while making new beginnings at work and at home today. There is an important inner change that challenges you to be courageous enough to take responsibility for who you are and to live your truth. A journey is on the cards! Lucky number 4. Colour yellow.

You initiate a current of forceful energy to achieve professional targets today. You are able to influence trends and changes in your field of activity. Love and loyalty in loving relationships strengthen you and open doors to many possibilities in the future. Lucky number 2. Colour red.


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