Today’s Horoscope : Sunday, March 11th 2018

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Aries Vague fears and confusion are likely and most people will be feeling out of sorts. As much as you enjoy concrete ideas, you may have to accept the nebulous and abstract today. The world is full of wonderful things and humans, as well as negative ones – try to remain positive.


Taurus You’ve got an incredible exchange of ideas flowing between you and a partner today. Whatever you do, be sure to write them down because you might even invent something amazing together thanks to this spark of genius!


Gemini It’s a mixed day for you, so watch your step, as accidents can happen. It may be because you are unfamiliar with the territory, or just because someone else isn’t paying attention. Anyway, stay on your toes.


Cancer You have an amazing ability to take action when your partner provides you with an idea. Decisive action can be taken in an education or legal matter today. Spiritual or religious events in your area should be uplifting and beneficial.


Leo The urge to perfect yourself on the job is strong. You might not see the white lie someone has told you about financial matters. Open your eyes before it’s too late.


Virgo You’re going to be quite irritated about a financial issue. Thankfully it’ll be resolved by the end of the day but still – It’ll cause you plenty of stress.


Libra Your mind has incredible power today. In fact, the ability for you to bring your subconscious mind into conscious awareness is so amazing.


Scorpio Feeling as though you are wading through treacle? you may feel torn between what you want to do and what others feel you should do, especially around the home and in your career. Take the time to do something nice for yourself today. If you don’t take care of yourself, you won’t be much good to anyone else.


Sagittarius Yesterday’s obstacles should be overcome as you are able to solve problems in both your private and personal lives. You may not be up to much tomorrow, so plan meetings and interviews accordingly. Slow down and carefully evaluate where you stand.


Capricorn This is a day of dreamy heaven for you. You will be in touch with your values and sense of self-worth and there doesn’t seem to be any disconnection between your emotions and self-concept.


Aquarius You don’t feel much like talking or socializing. Nurture your spirit today by indulging in the pleasures and activities that make you feel more whole. Be yourself with no apologies. Upheavals in the neighbourhood and other breakdowns in communication are nothing you can’t handle.


Pisces Friendship is on your mind today. A friend might need your support during this time; conversely, if you need a shoulder to cry on, seek out a trusted pal. Sometimes it seems that no one understands you, but there is at least one person out there who understands you and likes you just the same.

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