Top 7 Stubborn Homeowners Who Refused To Move Out

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Angry with Chinese homeowners who refuse to sell out, the country’s eager and rapacious developers call their houses “stubborn nails” that can’t be pounded into wood.

With a Chinese national flag on its rooftop, this lonely dwelling remains to block a newly-built road in Luoyang, Henan province, China. The developers clearly anticipate its prompt removal, though local media report that the house owner did not agree with government’s compensation plan for relocation and has refused to move out even as connected homes are torn down. The picture was taken May 16, 2015, by a Reuters stringer.

In earlier times, the people’s republic was the official owner of real estate. But China’s economic reforms have reinforced private ownership of property without fully elaborating when public interest may prevail, according to Wikipedia. The result? Delicious development schadenfreude.


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