Tycoon offers $180,000,000 USD to find husband for his gay daughter

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It is a huge amount that is being offered by a Chinese billionaire to any prospective groom who marries his daughter.

Well this looks like a clear business deal and the business Tycoon Cecil Chao is ready to shed the hefty amount for the one who marries his daughter.

Cecil Chao the Chinese Tycoon who made a fortune after establishing the company, Cheuk Nang Holdings Ltd a huge real estate conglomerate which focuses on the development of luxury high rises and high-end properties in Hong Kong.

The amount quoted by him to marry his daughter is a new and revised one, prior to this he offered $60,000,000 USD in 2012 as a form of dowry to the person who sets his daughter straight. Time and again, he has revised the amount to get daughter married.

In 2014, he made the news for offering $120,000,000 USD and recently increasing the amount to $180,000,000 USD. The Chinese business is infamous for offering exorbitant money to the one who marries her daughter.

Well the fact is she is a lesbian, and we just wonder why don’t Mr. Cecil Chao accepts her the way she is instead of looking for someone to change her. But let us tell you she is really pretty, the one in bow tie is her partner Sean Eav.

Well what is your view, shouldn’t her father accept her for the way she is? Or Are you also against the LGBT people and think its abnormal?


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