What causes Jealousy in a Relationship?

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‘Jealousy’ works in many lustrous and wondrous ways. Some psychologists have identified it as the extreme form of emotion which arises in a human being due to low self esteem and a sense of insecurity within oneself.

And, having it all in a relationship package all the more triggers the unpleasant thoughts and activities circling around the people who are involved in it. You might dislike it when someone talks to your girl, or when a lady passing by flirts with your man. You might don’t relish the idea of sharing your best friend with someone else, and deep down these feelings turn into a big voluptuous piece of jealousy.

Root causes of jealousy

Insecurity : Insecurity is one of the most important causes of jealousy in any relationship. That feeling of underestimating oneself or assuming others to be better in every aspect leads to the emotions containing insecurities. Sometimes, your appalling past experiences also lead to the emotion of insecurity.

Poor Self Image: Like insecurity, poor self image also forms a major part of jealousy. If you think that you don’t consider yourself to be amazing enough in your own eyes, and rather support the thoughts of you being ugly or less competent, jealousy is bound to occur.

Fear:The fear of ending up alone or losing your partner or getting rejected in love makes up for the process of jealousy.

Lack of Self Confidence: Do you have doubts about your skills and looks? Well, obviously you are just going to get jealous about your partner, if you don’t have confidence in yourself and your capabilities at all!

Sense of competition: A competitive spirit is always regarded as a healthy sign, but there is a fine line which avoids it from getting ugly. Too much of competition in every field, every aspect with others lead to the signs indicating that you might be not so sure about yourself in a relationship.

Can we cure it?
Of course we can! The foremost role is to love yourself and build confidence within you. Only when you are able to appreciate your existence, you are able to love others unconditionally, and once you trust your worth, you trust your partner as well and the fact that he/she is going to be with you. You hold a sense of security and the fear is long gone. It’s also good to practice good communication skills to strengthen your relationship, alongside your self-esteem exercises.


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