What Happens Just Before Dying? 16 Bodily Warning Signs That Death Is Near, According To Hinduism

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It doesn’t matter what religion we are born with or what is our color, death is is inevitable. The cycle of life goes on irrespective of who or what you are, but there are some signs which indicate that the end is close.

Hinduism has its own set of omens that have been researched from ancient times. The gurus of Hinduism were spiritually enlightened and hence they have mentioned these signs in the Brahmanda and Kalki Purana, which will tell you how near are you to death.

Bodily signs

  • If the skin turns pale yellow or white and little red.
    May die within 6 months.
  • If a person begins to smell like a corpse.
    May die within 15 days
  • If a man’s left hand keeps shaking continuously for seven days.
    May die within a month.
  • If one has continuous hiccups while passing urine, and for no reason if he cannot taste or smell things
    May die quite soon
  • If a person’s sense organs become as hard as stone.
  • One who cannot hear loud noises immediately.
  • If a person can’t hear the buzzing sound of his inner ear, on blocking his ears.
    May die within a year
  • If the tongue thickens, and all teeth get coated with a greasy substance.
    May die Within six months
  • If a stream of tears suddenly flows from the left eye without any cause, and vapor is seen to coming out of the head.
    May die by the end of the day
    Signs in dreams
  • If one dreams of vomiting/puking Gold/Silver.
    He/ she may die within ten months.
  • If a person sees dirty feet in dreams.
    May die within 10 months.
  • When a person dreams of an owl in a vacant destroyed village.
    May probably die soon
  • If one dreams of being dragged by a Bear or Monkey towards the south direction
    It means that death is near.
  • If one dreams of becoming deaf, or wearing black clothes, buried up to neck in Coal or Ashes
    May die quite soon.
  • If one dreams of falling from a high mountain, or of being naked and travelling south across a desert
    May die within 3 months.
  • If one dreams of watching dead people around him. May die within a year

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