Why Female Becomes Fat After Married

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Weight gain problem is the biggest problem among women and this problem becomes a headache after marriage. You must have heard women saying, that they have gained a lot of weight post marriage. Why does this happen? Is this a physical procedure or all due to your carelessness?

Some people say, this weight increases due to hormonal changes occur when you come under a new relationship. But this is not the only reason behind weight gain of women after marriage. Today by the medium of our article, we will tell you why women gain weight post marriage. Come let’s know why women become fat after getting married and also let’s look some tips to lose weight.

Impact of family life: in our society most of the women are forced to adjust in to your husbands’ home and family after marriage. They reach to the total different family and environment. Also their responsibilities too changes. Women who care of self only before marriage need to care of her husband, family and other family members after marriage due to which it would be difficult to keep them fit and fine.

While taking care of husband and family they won’t have time to take care of their body structures and beauty due to which they start gaining weight after marriage.

Lifestyle of ladies changes after marriage and this leads to the hormonal changes among women. So, this becomes the foremost reason of weight gain among women.


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