Why we should not cut nails at night ?

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Cutting nails is a hygienic practice as it prevents accumulation of dirt and germs in the space in between the nails and fingers. However, we often hear about the age old belief in nepal that discourages cutting nails at night. Is there any logic in it or is it just a superstition?

Logical reasoning
In old times there was no provision of 24-hour electricity at homes like we have today. Also, there were no nail clippers at that time! People used the sharp edges of tools like scissors or knife to cut nails. Therefore, cutting nails using them in dark could very well cut your finger! Or get into the food. Therefore the habit of cutting nails at night was discouraged.

Tantric Reason:
Black magic often requires a broken nail piece or some part of a person’s body to complete the process. Therefore, it was believed that when nails fall on the ground during night, people performing black magic could gather them without your knowledge and use it to cause harm.

What to do?
From the point of view of hygiene or otherwise, always make sure to dispose off your nails properly.


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