This is the wife of Deepak Raj Giri

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Many people think that Deepak Raj Giri’s screen wife of ‘Tito Satya’, Deepa Shree Niraula, is his real wife. In real life Deepa is still unmarried and Deepak is married to Menuka Giri and has three children. Deepak says that he and Deepa are only “onscreen couple” and the real wife, Menuka, is his true love and the driver of his life.

Both Deepak Raj Giri and Menuka were born in Dahachowk-2 of Thankot but, they were never close with each other before marriage. Deepak had an affair with a friend of Menuka’s elder sister but, he choose to marry Menuka instead. Deepak did an arranged marriage when the 16-year-old Menuka was still going to school.

Deepak had finished school but had failed in the SLC exam for a few times. Finally, Deepak passed SLC in the year they got married. Deepak remembers, “Before marrying Menuka, I was a failure in everything I did. But, after the marriage, I have passed in everything I have done.”Saurav Karai is a Nepali comedian and actor. His comedy program Tito Satya, the longest running TV Show in Nepal, aired for more than 12 years. Giri produced the 2013 Nepali film Chha Ekan Chhawhich was a hit. His second film was Woda No Chha. 6.


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