Woman sent flying 10 feet into air after bull attack

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The horrifying video shows the moment when a woman walking on street minding her own business was sent in air by a giant mad bull. Here in the video captured in a CCTV shows the woman walking in the street while she has no idea that she was being charged by a giant bull in no blink of an eye.

The oblivious victim was walking in the city of Bharuch, in India, when the stray beast scooped her up by the legs with its horns and tossed her several feet off the ground. Harrowing footage shows the bull creeping gloomily towards its target, ramming a man on a scooter before charging at the lone woman from behind.

Stunned witnesses could only watch in horror as she flipped over in mid-air before crashing into the tarmac. The bull was then seen casually trotting away as members of the public rushed to the woman’s aid. The shocking 24-second clip was filmed on a nearby store’s CCTV camera and shared on social media. Watch video to know more…


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