Women should be guaranteed reproductive health rights

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Kathmandu, March 8 (RSS) : Women should have a say in taking decision regarding matters on reproductive health.

Women rights activists speaking in a programme organised by the Forum for Women, Law and Development here on Wednesday insisted that the women themselves should be able to decide on matters relating to their reproductive health as the right to reproductive health was their constitutional right.

The programme was organised to mark the 108th International Women’s Day. Forum executive director Sabin Shrestha expressed regrets saying discrimination existed between women and men in Nepal regarding reproductive rights despite the existence of laws that forbid anyone infringing the women’s rights.

Students studying at Nepal Law Campus also argued that it was against the law to force anyone to impose and force others to do something against their will. They advocated for providing right to self-determination on reproductive health. The right to reproductive health is enshrined in the constitution as a fundamental right.

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